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EVOLUTION OF THE ELECTRIC SHAMAN: Jim Morrison's Journey Beyond Shamanism He Lived on Love Street: Surprise awaits a visitor to Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon home Nights on the Sunset Strip: A look at the Sunset Strip of the 1960s JIM AND PAM IN PARIS: Photos taken in Jim Morrison's final days
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Jim Morrison, The Doors lead singer as a child

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REMEMBERING JIM: Two major dates are associated with the life of Jim Morrison: his birthday, December 8, 1943, and the date of his death, July 3, 1971. Read several tributes to the late Beatle.Enjoy original articles on Jim Morrison, The Doors concert reviews, extensive archives and history on Jim Morrison and the Doors and 60s cultural history. Find the man behind the myth through Jim Morrison’s artistic, philosophic and spiritual influences including the Blues, the Beat Generation, shamanism and more.

Discover Jim Morrison's legacy, James Douglas Morrison's poetry, The Doors albums, concerts, and lyrics. Visit Jim Morrison’s life and times, including the psychedelic sixties, Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, Venice Beach, Laurel Canyon, classic rock, the 60s counter culture and more.

WAITING FOR THE SUN: The Spirit of Jim Morrison Website. An internet tribute to one of the most misunderstood icons of the Twentieth Century. Jim Morrison's life, work and art are explored, with an eye to finding glimpses into the man behind the mythology which surrounded him; of the psychedelic (60s) sixties, the drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll. The Doors, Jim Morrison's poetry and lyrics, his interest in literature, spirituality and philosophy, including surrealism and native American Indian shamanism. References to his spiritual beliefs are explored through the metaphor of his poetry and lyrics and his literary and artistic influences. Archive material is available on many of the artists, writers and pholosophers who influenced and informed Jim Morrison's work, including the Beat Poets, the Surrealists, the Blues and more. More archived material contains original articles, interviews and reviews of Doors recordings and performances from the sixties, and an extensive look at the phenomenon which was the 1960s in America. Original essays and articles explore Jim Morrison and shamanism, as well as Eastern Pholosophy and other spiritual and creative influences. Special features include a visit to Room 32 at the Alta Cienega Motel on the Sunset Strip, and the home Jim Morrison shared with his longtime companion, Pamela Courson, on Rothdell Trail; A look at the history of Venice Beach, where Jim Morrison lived on a rooftop and wrote his famous notebooks, which would supply the bulk of the material which comprised the Doors first two and part ot the third album. Web site visitors contribute stories of Doors Concerts and first-hand experiences of meeting Jim Morrison. Theme-based photo albums of Jim Morrison and the Doors include the rare photos of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson during Jim's last days in Paris, as well as publicity shots for Morrison Hotel and candids. Other special features illustrare the life and times of the 20th century icon, poet and visionary, James Douglas Morrison.
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Jim Morrison was known as the electric shaman, because his performances were a healing ritual for his "tribe" or generation. In this expansive definition of the role of the shaman, Morrison also incorporated the teachings of Eastern Philosophy, thus transcending the meaning of shamanism.
Discover shamanism in art at the Torres gallery, Santa Fe, NM
ARTICLES: Laciefae’s essays include: Evolution of the Electric Shaman: Jim Morrison's Journey Beyond Shamanism; HWY: Jim Morrison's Unfinished Opus?: James Douglas Morrison, Poet: Observations on the Work; Plus essays by contributors include The Doors In Concert, 1968, Doors Live Show Reviews, and Jim Morrison, The Doors and Psychedelic Sixties book revies by laciefae FEATURES: The Shifting Sands of Venice Beach, 3 Days at Jim's Joint (Room 32 at the Alta Cienega Motel on the Sunset Strip); A Paris Pilgrimage: One Fan's Trinute to Jim Morrison; He Lived on Love Street: Surprise Awaits a Visitor to Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon Home. ARCHIVES: Interviews with Jim Morrison, Including: The Village Voice Interview, The Los Angeles Free Press Interview, Jim Morrison: Ten years Gone and The Circus Interview, BAM Interview with Paul Rothchild, Doors record producer, The Artistic Influences Interview, with material on the Beat Generation, The Symbolist Poets, Blues and American Roots Music and The Surrealists, The archive of original articles on Jim Morrison and the Doors, The Supporting Players archive includes artices and interviews with friends of Jim Morrison and other musicians of the sixties, professional associates and the women in Jim's life, the Creative Legacy Archive explores the the recorded music, poetry, and film of Jim Morrison, The Venues Archive includes information about the clubs and concert venues where Jim Morrison performed, including the London Fog, the Whisky, the Filmore East, Steve Paul's The Scene, the Village Theater, The Aquarius Theater and more. PHOTO ALBUMS: Jim Morrison photo albums include Candids, The Jim Morrison Gallery of Misguoded Memorabilia, Jim and Pam, The Paris Album and laciefae's Coloring Book; The Doors photo albums include The Doors at the Fillmore East, The fantasy Faire and magic Festival at Mount Tamalpais, Nights at the Whisky. WAITING FOR THE SUN SPECIAL SECTIONS: Jim Morrison's Le Cirque, highlighting the surreal and unusual in the life of Jim Morrison, Nights at the Whisky, including photos and history of the Doors at the Whisky A-Go-Go; The Shaman's Journey tells the story of Jim Morrison's introduction to Native American Indian shamanism on a New Mexico highway in the 1950s; The Other Side of Jim Morrrison explores the astrological chart of Jim Morrison, and a channeling of the spirit of Jim Morrison; Tour The Sixties Sunset Strip is a pictorial and written tour of the famous Los Angeles neighborhood during the 1960s when the Doors were performing there; remembering Jim includes essays in tribute to the influence Jim Morrison's life and art have had on webmaster laciefae and visitors to Waiting For the Sun. JIM MORRISON, THE DOORS AND THE PSYCHEDELIC SIXTIES LEGACY HISTORY: Detailed historic events (with illustrations) related to the world period of Jim Morrison and the Doors. WAITING FOR THE SUN GUESTBOOK: Sign and read the Jim Morrison Waiting For the Sun Guestbook by clicking here. WAITING FOR THE SUN SITEMAP: Here you will find every link to every feature on the website. JIM MORRISON LINKS: Links to other interesting websites that are somehow related to Jim Morrison and the Doors. EMAIL laciefae: Email the webmaster, laciefae, if you have questions or wish to report a problem with the website. Thanks! WAITING FOR THE SUN STORES: Shop the Waiting For the Sun Website stores when you are looking for CDs, DVDs, books, etc. about Jim Morrison and the Doors. The Doors Store offers links to merchandise about or related to Jim Morrison and the Doors; The Psychedelic 60s Store offers links to merchandise about or related to The psychedelic 1960s. laciefae welcomes visitors to Waiting for the Sun, offering some insight into her motivation for creating the Jim Morrison tribute website.Jim Morrison said "First, I am an American."About Waiting For The Sun webmaster, laciefae The Whisky A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA

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